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Coffee is one of the most commonly used in our community. Many people coffee use multiple times a day.  They have become so habitual for it and have become a very important part of our life. But do we know coffee can be very harmful to us?

Yes, many people don’t even know about this but coffee can be very harmful to our health as many types of chemicals are used to conventionally grow coffee.  Most of the coffee grower cut the grass in the rainforest which leads to direct sunlight falling on them. Due to which more chances of pests and insects infecting the coffee crop.

Hence, farmers use a large number of chemicals and pesticides to save the crop to get infected. When the crop is harvested it is washed with water which also contained various types of toxic chemicals.

Whereas in the case of organic green coffee beans farmers do not use any toxic chemicals.  And it is very safe to drink. Organic green coffee beans have many health benefits as well as it can help you lose weight and improve your metabolism as well.

Organic coffee has caffeine removed by ‘’Swiss water process’’ and not by conventional use of chemicals. Organic green coffee beans also taste better than conventional coffee which is a delight for consumers.

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