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If there are any conflict between you and us, then we can use all the available data including your purchase history, your communication with us, your browsing history and related details to sort out the matter. If we fail to resolve the dispute via a regular medium, then only we will suggest you take the help of third party or legal system. If you go to legal system for resolving any dispute or complaint before communicating with us, then we will consider it as the violation of terms of use, and we will have all the rights to take legal actions against you.

Membership Eligibility: This website is available only for those people that can bind legal contract under the Indian Contract Act 1872. If you are a minor, please do not register to trustyherbs.com as a user and do not transact with us. If you still wish to use our website or want to buy anything from us, please ask your guardian or parents to register on the website and do the shopping on your behalf. If you are under 18 years, then we have all the rights to cancel your order, and we have rights not to serve you for any purpose.


You agree that trustyherbs has all the right to terminate, suspend or cancel your order anytime for whatsoever reasons. If you paid the money to us in the form of cash, then we are liable to pay the money back to you in case of order cancelling.

Also, we may change, or terminate the terms and condition mentioned on this page when we feel it is necessary to modify. We will try to inform you about the update of terms and condition, but we are not bound to do that. That means if we decide not to tell you or anyone about the updates of terms and condition, then you cannot file any complaint about that.

Feedback and information

Any feedbacks that you share with us about our services or enhancement are essential for us, and we take necessary action for that. However, we are not bound to inform you about the updates or actions that we take for that dispute. Also, we are not obliged to take any action on feedback, suggestion or complaints given by you. It is solely our discretion and no one shall expect anything different from us.

Also, when you share feedback with us, then you promise this information does not contain any information that violates copyright law, the privacy of any individual or affects the business of any other organization that is related or nonrelated to us. When you share any feedback, then we can use it as we feel it right and you are not entitled to get anything in return for that feedback.