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Privacy Policy

Your trust in our service and company is the most valuable asset for. That is why we follow the best practices for secure transaction along with the privacy of your information. To understand our privacy policy, please read the below-mentioned statement that explains our practices about the collection of data and other details.

Note: Please keep this thing in your mind that our privacy policy may change without any notice to anyone. So, we would appreciate you check it periodically, so you stay away about all the changes if there are any.

By accessing this website, you agree to accept our privacy policy along with terms and condition mentioned in this website. If you have a disagreement, please stop using our website right now.

With the use of this website, you give us permission to collect and use your personal and non-personal information according to this privacy policy.

Collection of personal information and other details

When you access our website, you give a different kind of information to us via forms or other sources. We collect all that information, and we store it on our servers. The primary goal of collecting this information is nothing but giving you a smooth, customized and safe experience in your shopping. With the help of collected data, we can provide help you get services and facilities that your need and we can help you get that all in a safer and easier manner. Here, we must inform you that we collect only those details or information that we find necessary to serve you in the best possible way.

If you just want to browse our website without revealing your details, then you are free to do that we respect your privacy. But once you share your details with us, then we do not consider you as an anonymous user. While taking any information or details from you about you, we always indicate about mandatory and optional fields. That gives you freedom for not providing that information in the fields. Other than this, you can also decide not to provide information to us by not using any particular feature of or service on our website.

Along with your personal data, we may also collect some other information about you. Mostly this information is your behaviour about how you access our website, what you browse more and similar things like that. We use this data for our internal research purpose that helps us understand the behaviour of our user and it also help us to serve them in a better way with complete protection. This nonpersonal information may include the URL from where you came (it may be our website or an external one), the new URL where you are going (be it our website or an external website), details of your computer browser and IP address of your network.

Additionally, we use cookies on our website that help us proper and smooth functioning of our website with complete safety and smoothness. In case, you do not know what a cookie is, it is a small file that gets copied to your computer hard drive from our server, and it helps us communicate efficiently between our server and your computer.

With the help of cookies, we make sure you need to enter your password as less as possible on our website. Cookies also help us to identify the products that generate interest for you. Most of the cookies that we use are session cookies, and that means it will automatically delete from your computer once it session time ends. You can always deny the acceptance of cookies, but in that case, you may need to enter your password repeatedly during a session, and some features may also not work properly for you.

In some cases, you may find cookies by third parties, and we do not have any control over those cookies.

When you buy anything from our website, we collect some details about your purchasing behaviour as well.

In the case of a transaction, we collect additional data as well that include the billing address, card information, payment method detail, and other tracking details for the payment.

You may also post messages on our chat room, message board, and feedback area, depending on your information. We keep this posted information secured, and we can use that to resolve a dispute or conflict in case there are any.

Also, when we get any personal detail or information from you via email, letters, or another medium, then we collect that information and we store that information in a file with your name.

Use of your collected data

We use your collected data to give services that you as from us. We use the personal details for marketing purpose. We also use personal information to dispute, problems and to troubleshoot the issue that you may experience while using our services. We also use the information to promote the services, collect money and to understand the consume interest that you might have to our product or services. This information also helps us customize the experience for you on our website.

We always track the IP address of our all the visitors and this data help us to collect, analyze and solve the problems for our users on the demographic basis. The IP address also gives us a better idea about your location, and that help us gather information with more accuracy.

On various occasions, we request you to participate in surveys on our website. These surveys could ask your address, pin code, phone number name, age, gender and similar other details. This data collected via survey help us identify the products that may give interest to you, and that will help us display the content accordingly.

Sharing of your information

Although we keep your information or details safe in our servers, but time to time, we may need to share it with other companies and associates. These associated, affiliates and businesses can use the information for marketing purpose, and they may contact you unless you decide not to get contact by them.

If needed, we may provide the information to the third party or companies. This information helps us access various services from third parties or due to some legal necessity. We also share this information to prevent the fraud and other similar activities that may harm our user in any ways. But we always make sure that sharing of this information does not affect you in any ways.

Sometimes we may need to share this information with law enforcement agencies or similar firms to abide the law. If we receive a notice of the infringement of any rule or copyright law, then also we may need to share your personal information with other agencies. However, we make sure we share only the data that is essential or required for that investigation.

If we or our affiliated merge or bond with other business entities in the future, then also we may need to share the collected data with those other companies. If this merger happens in the future, the other or new entity may have a privacy policy that may be different than current one.

Links to other websites

We may have some links to third party websites that may collect your personal information related to you. Also, trustyherbs.com is not responsible for any of the details that you see on those websites.

Security precautions

On trustyherbs.com we follow strict security measures to prevent any loss, misuse, and changes of the information that we have stored on our servers. If we have the collected information in our possession, then we follow very strict guidelines to keep your information safe and secure all the time.

Opt out from alerts

We give freedom to all the people to leave for the promotional offers that our partners or we share with you. For unsubscribing our emails or alerts then you can check out our unsubscribe page for that, and you will be able to stop updates from us.